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Dates to Remember 

June 04 Finals  Math and English

June  05 Eighth Grade Graduation

June 05 Finals:  Science and Spelling

June 06 Finals:  Social Studies and Vocab

June 07         Field Day - THIS IS A FULL DAY OF SCHOOL

June 12          Last Day of School Dismissal Follows 9:30 AM Mass 

Need a Summer Tutor?

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Subjects covered: Math and Science

The goal will be to reinforce important subject matter, pinpoint areas in need of improvement, and maintain academic skills over the summer  

Dear Parents and Families,

Wow, what a great year! We have lived, studied, learned, laughed, sang, and grown up together. We have covered a lot of material and participated in many fun and exciting projects.  It has been our pleasure and privilege to watch our young people’s character, personality, and intellect develop day by day as we learned and developed new skills needed for middle school, and  made some new friends along the way.

Each of your children has brought such joy and happiness to our classroom.  We were so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of children this past year. Friends and family often laugh  when we refer to your children as “our kids”. They are like our own children. They all have touched our lives and this school year in very positive and rewarding ways.   

It has been a pleasure getting to know not only your child, but you as well.  Having parental support and open lines of communication is an essential part of any successful school year.  Thank you for all you have done to make our year fulfilling and memorable.

We have lived with a tribe for almost a year, and very soon they will be disbanding for adventures unknown.  Every “goodbye”, and “see ya later”, reminds both of us the sanctity of this position. We are not a dispenser of facts and skills; We are older guides on the path, who walked ahead and doubled back.  We are so humbled by the friendship and love our students have given us, and hope they know just how big a difference they make in our lives. We hope as the years go by that they keep in touch.

Peace, safety, and joy: these are the things we pray for you, now and always.





Please check out the document under Math Practice for other links to help with multiplication facts practice!


 Check out the Slide Presentation (click here--->) How To Math on                        some alternate ways to multiply and divide numbers.



Please use the quick links below  

 Khan Academy

Mr. Douglas' Webpage



"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid." - Albert Einstein
This is one of my favorite quotes for the school year. Although it is inconclusive whether or not Albert Einstein actually said this, it doesn't take away from the sentiment of the saying. Any time you are struggling, remember that not everyone is going to be good at every single subject. What is important is that you try your best and remind yourself of your strengths.
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